Barb Moser

Dear Brant, I just wanted to tell you how thankful we are for such a wonderful job you did on our renovation! You made things run so smoothly during the months of our renovation. You kept things rolling along always, kept abreast of all the situations, in touch with us always, and remaining on top of all of your crew – which was impressive for a busy contractor! There wasn’t many days that people were not working on things around here! I was impressed that your quote came in pretty much – right on budget. It was very helpful all of your suggestions, to keep my buying of particular items, lighting, countertops, tiles etc. within a set budget … instead of going wild and throwing everything to the wind … which, Im sure a lot of women tend to do! Your knowledge and advice on everything during the process of our renovation was so wonderful, and it made things go so smoothly! You were pretty much there, everyday! – even with our “little” renovation on the bathroom, dressing room, hall etc., while it was during another larger whole house renovation for you. We so much appreciated you fitting us in. That really shows your attention to your projects, may they be … large or small. I also want to compliment you and your crew, on how neat and tidy everything was kept during the renovation, and everyone was very particular in trying to recycle and keep things together in separate piles to go to different recycling places or the dump or where ever. That is really a difficult thing to do, and it takes a conscious effort to keep that going. We are sooo enjoying our new bathroom, and I love the shower and I especially love my new dressing room! I would definitely recommend you to others, for such a job well run and well done. Thank you and all our best, Barb Moser and family Victoria BC

Peter Guyan

Brant Hoff is a modern day visionary when it comes to capturing the clients dreams, not only in creating a breathtaking structure but the environment surrounding the home. Having no previous personal, business or building experiences with Brant, once introduced, I realized that he possessed skill sets far beyond a mere contractor. I was so impressed with Brant”s multidisciplinary skills that I enlisted him to preview potential building sites. Undeterred by visits to numerous locations, Brant introduced me to a magnificent lot that ultimately became the site for my residence. During the planning and building process, Brant introduced me to a series of design, engineering and trades personnel of the highest standard. Like Brant, these people’s passion for building was reflected in their ability to adapt, problem solve and execute “on the fly”. For me as the owner, this resulted in less down time, a better product and a more functional home. Brant’s keen eye for design details and thematic continuity reinforced the clean, uncluttered West Coast contemporary style translating a dream into reality. Peter Guyan (Homeowner, 2013)

Doug & Maureen Cobb

We purchased our new home from Brant in 2007 after looking for six months. We purchased this home because of the quality of construction, beautiful finishing details, wonderful and gorgeous rock work throughout the yard done by “boulder artist“ Tom Mann which brought the outside in, creating a wonderful living space. The attention to detail inside and out is remarkable. We have been told Brant changed the layout of the fireplace in the livingroom twice before he was satisfied with the look. When there were a few minor things that needed attention, Brant immediately had them looked after with a smile on his face. Our home has been problem free which speaks of the high quality of construction. He has integrity and customer satisfaction is a high priority for Brant. We feel he has very high standards and we would certainly have Brant build us a home and we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone contemplating building a home.
Since meeting Brant, we have enjoyed looking through some of the homes he has built. They all demonstrate his ability to give the home a special feel regardless of whether architect or designer assisted. In common terms, he goes beyond the “bricks and mortar“ with his talent to give the homes CHARACTER and that ability is really what separates Brant “from the pack“.

Dr. Michael A. Hunter

As a near-retired university professor, I thought I would be ready for condo life, but wasn’t, so bought a newly constructed house. Brant Hoff was the builder, and the building inspector was highly complimentary, letting us know that no corners had been cut in the selection of materials. For example, if there was a choice between a $2 switch and a $5 switch, Brant would choose the more expensive one because it will last longer. This is a truly green approach, and one that spells integrity and consideration. I definitely do not want to be dealing with a large number of repairs in my retirement. My wife is constantly allergic, but has noticeably improved in the new home, so I assume fume-emitting materials were not used when possible, and/or there is improved ventilation. We also appreciate the attention to detail, from the sensor lighting, heated floor, and high shower window in the master bath, the hot water heater with a lifetime warranty, the high level of finishes, the list goes on. The sale of the house would not have been lost without these things, but they are examples of the quality of workmanship that is Brant. Finally, after living in the home for almost two weeks, we have come to appreciate the brilliance of its design with respect to the lot it was built on. There is green space on three sides and every room takes advantage of the different and unique views. At the same time, privacy from the neighbor on the one side was carefully protected. In case anyone is wondering if this was written by Brant 😉 feel free to contact me at 778-433-2565 if you would like additional information.

Kathy and Robert Martin. Bear Mountain Golf Resort, Victoria.B.C.

We cannot believe what a truly wonderful home Brant Hoff built for us. We have lived in our beautifully crafted home in Bear Mountain Golf Resort for just over two years now. The use of natural lighting, large glass windows with direct access views of mountain and ocean from our main deck and bedrooms are truly sensational and visionary aspects of our luxury property.
He made excellent use of decks, bedroom and living rooms positioning, building floor levels that enhanced our viewing of Mount Finlayson, ocean views, Mount Baker and Sidney. We feel blessed with the modern living in nature. ‘Quality that lasts’ is what comes to mind after two years of sheer enjoyment. Brant was so easy to work with and offered some smart, efficient and stylish solutions to our customizing of our home offices and unfinished spaces. He is readily available to answer questions to this date and has high level of integrity. He will, without doubt be called upon by us for his expert knowledge and suggestions to further develop our garden level spaces one day soon. Please do get in touch should you wish to know more about our experience of working with Brant Hoff and his crew.