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Graffiti Removal Tips

Has Pesky Graffiti Got The Best Of Your Home Or Office Through Unwanted Vandalism?

Your response should be a quick one.

The 1st thing to do is to employ an effective and quality graffiti removal service, such as us here, at VI Cleaning Solutions. – Why hire a graffiti removal service rather than doing it yourself?

Some graffiti removal products and services can make a surface look worse than before the removal process began. Our 1st step is to provide a simple analysis of the surface and the substance used for the graffiti is the first step to determining the best approach in each situation.

Each case, of course, is different, and removal methods will vary based on the initial assessment. The graffiti removal experts at Vancouver Island Cleaning Solutions can identify and select the correct method to restore your property to its original condition.

What kind of surfaces can we remove Graffiti from?

VI Cleaning Solutions graffiti removal solutions safely removes graffiti from brick, concrete, stonework, painted surfaces, powder coated surfaces, metal surfaces, structures, monuments, statues, and heritage buildings. Let us restore your property back to its original state before graffiti.

How do we start?

Testing is carried out at the commencement of each job to determine the appropriate chemical, equipment and procedure required for removal. This ensures that the graffiti is removed in the safest and most effective manner and produce the optimum result without damaging the underlying surface. When the graffiti has been removed, the surface will be restored back to its original state and appear as if there had never been any graffiti present.

Color matching.

At times removal of graffiti from painted or rendered surfaces is not possible, so in these instances, painting over the graffiti is practical and cost effective.

We are able to provide colour matching and painting in order to paint over the graffiti with a color match. We will even leave left over paint should you require it for some future use.

Our graffiti removal service is effective and affordable. For help removing graffiti, don’t wait another moment.

A Quick response to a Graffiti attack is the key!
Contact us today and let’s get started.

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